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In the beginning...


As Weber Charolais, we began our venture with the breed in 1986 with the purchase of some yearling heifers and a herd bull from Wienk Charolais. After a few years of private treaty sales, an offer of buying out Jorgensen Charolais's cow herd came to us. We took the offer and conducted our first public auction sale with the Jorgensens in Winner, SD in conjunction with their Simmental sale in 1991. Most of the cow herd purchases consisted of Wienk genetics, so it was a perfect match. 

Making an addition...

Weber Red Angus began in 1994 when we purchased a group of heifers from Buffalo Creek and added a herd sire. In that same year, we went to Leland Red Angus and purchased a group of heifers, in which all of the progeny from those genetics would go on to be sold alongside with our Charolais in the bull sale.

After a few years, we had an opportunity to go out to John Robbins's Double Fork Red Angus Farm in Dillon, MT and bring home a pot load of powerful cows. We also picked a handful from his bred heifer pen to fill out the load. From that year on, our herd has grown from that cow base of Wyoming and Montana bred animals.

Moving the annual sale location...

After an extended time of having annual bull sales at Winner Livestock located in Winner, SD, we decided to move the location of our bull sale a little closer to home. We made that location the Corsica Sale Barn in Corsica, SD. As fate would have it, we moved the location even closer to home by having it at Tim's acreage beginning in 2016 and will continue to be at that location for good.

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